I thought it would be fun to countdown MY TOP 10:   Music Video Cameos.  That is, music videos with cameos by non-musical personalities who are known for working in other areas of show biz.  My criteria were that:

1) the video be memorable, of course;
2) the featured personality not be another musical artist at the time (now if they became musical artists at a later point that’s another story; they’re
still eligible);
3) the featured personality be known at the time (not be an unknown who became known later); and
4) the cameo be a worthwhile part in the video (not just a 2-second spot).

2. Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”

Probably the hottest video of 2001.  It won numerous awards.  It’s so genius because you don’t picture such a tough guy like Christopher Walken moving like that.  Apparently, he took dance lessons way back in the day.  Who knew?  And, what makes it even better is that not once does he crack a smile.  He’s still that “tough guy” throughout the video.

The band isn’t even in the video, but that’s alright.  It works.  It’s said that this video brought Christopher Walken to a whole new audience he would otherwise not have been relevant to.  Really he tends to play quirky, strange characters and this was just one in a long line of them.  But, this really was one of those prime once-in-a-life-time roles. Interesting, what happens when things align and a group of talents get together and create something like this.