Single and Listening

So, I normally do two of these a month.  I’m pushing it close to the wire this month.  I will post one today and one tomorrow.  Enjoy.

Single Reviews by Release Date




all over the place

carries a tune

part of the chorus

featured soloist

conducting the choir

In this edition, I review Demi Lovato’s, Ciara’s, and Keri Hilson’s latest.  Demi sings alone, though the Jonas Brothers brought some writing and producing assist.  And Ciara hosts JT while Keri hosts KanYe West and Ne-Yo.  I will say one thing about Keri Hilson and that is that I’m diggin’ her 2009 update on Sheila E.’s ’80s look.  Not sure if Ms. E. is a true inspiration, but Keri’s rockin’ a hot look, regardless.

Demi Lovato “Don’t Forget” Released:  March 16, 2009
From Latest Release:   Don’t Forget ♫♪

Sounds like this girl has a lot of potential to be the next angst-filled rock chick ala’ Alanis Morissette or someone like that.  There’s grit in her voice that I like.  Good for the Disney set, but has cross-over potential all over it.  I predict great things to come from this one. (Hey, she’s a Disney kid.  How wrong can I be?  Britney and Christina, anyone?)

Ciara “Love Sex Magic” featuring Justin Timberlake Released: March 17, 2009 From Forthcoming Release:  Fantasy Ride ♫♪
I want to not like this because I think JT tries way too hard to be cool and to be Michael Jack, but it is catchy.  Not something I haven’t heard before, but a good imitation.  My dancing bones wouldn’t be able to resist the groove.  I’d have to give in to the “Love Sex Magic.”

Keri Hilson “Knock You Down” featuring KanYe West and Ne-Yo
Released:  March 20, 2009
From Latest Release:  In a Perfect World… ♫♪
It’s good, but it sounds like a mixture of previous work from Beyonce’, Rhianna, and KanYe West and Ne-Yo, who do guest on the track.  Seems like producers and writers rule over artists, though Hilson did write on the track with a slew of other writers.  Can tell it is one of those songs that the more you hear it the more you’ll get into it.