So, something personal came up yesterday, so I was not able to post Number 2.  Apologies for the delay.  You get a two-fer today.

For those who don’t know, I was a film major.  It was my dream to direct music videos.  I wasn’t even interested in feature films.  I thought I’d be happy doing just music videos.   Don’t get me wrong.  I love film and music.  With this countdown I combine both loves.

This MY TOP 10 features songs that either equaled or transcended the pop cultural significance of the films from whence they came.  It’s less about the movies and more about the songs.  I’m including 5 male and 5 female performers and alternating between them to keep things fair and balanced.  I’m starting off with a woman so a man can be on top. 

Just flipping the script from how I ran thangs with February’s MY TOP 10 (Sexiest Videos for those of you who don’t know) where a woman lead the pack.

* * *
ca2. Destiny’s Child  “Independent Women Pt. 1” from Charlie’s Angels

This was the fall jam of  2000.  I cannot deny that this song was bumpin’.  I never got tired of it.  I sang along to it each and every time it came on the radio in the car or the video on the TV in the house.  A smart coming together of two powerful and sexy triumvirates of tv/film and music.  “Independent Women” was the perfect theme song for Charlie’s Angels and Destiny’s Child, alike, with undeniable call-outs and addictive hooks, to boot.