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Plain White T’s “1, 2, 3, 4” Released:  December 2008
From Latest Release:  Big Bad World ♫♫
This is sweet melodious ear- and heart-candy that makes me want create a fantasy dreamscape to escape into with the one (if there were one).  The strings tug at your nobler sentiments.

Jesse McCartney “Leavin’” Released:  March 10, 2008
From Latest Release:  Departure ♫♫
Okay.  So, who has this young white boy singing like a grown black man?  Sounds good, though.  Let me research who produced it to see who put the soul on him.  Ah, Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, so there you go.  It’s a hot track.  One of those I would put on repeat and listen to all day long.

Asher Roth “Be By Myself” Released:  April 30, 2009
From Latest Release:  Asleep in the Bread Isle ♫♪
So, let’s get the comparison to Eminem out of the way.  When he’s the only one at his level that has come before, it’s going to be there.  And, Roth’s delivery echoes his style though his content maybe somewhat different.  Not a bad song.  I’m not blow away and it’s not something I haven’t ever heard before.  The talent is obvious and the potential is there.  Wonder if he’s the white version of Kid ‘n Play and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince?  You know the regular, humorous high school kid rapper as opposed to the hardcore street-smart MC.  Guess time will tell.