bfltsI picked up Bat For Lashes’ Two Suns (her second album) after work this evening at Waterloo Records downtown before having dinner and drinks at Z’Tejas on 6th Street.

I’d been wanting to listen to something a little different than my usual pop fare.  Something a little more conceptual and epic in scope. 

I discovered Bat For Lashes when I included Two Suns on a  Tuesday Tease here.  I went on to review her first Two Suns single, “Daniel,” for one of my Single and Listening Editions here.  Though looking back now, I know I’ve heard the name before.  I just can’t place when and in what context. 

I’m listening to it now and so far I love Track 4, “Daniel,” and Track 8, “Pearl’s Dream.”  And I love, love, love the front and back cover images.  She created a second character, Pearl, who’s on the back of the CD, and I guess she’s herself on the front.  Basically, duality is the theme that runs through the CD (Ahem, Two Suns, hello).

You can pick up your copy at amazon or iTunes.