Official publicity photo from the NBC Celebrity Apprentice Website.

May 4, 2009 UPDATE:  This is a little late in coming, but here it is.  T-Boz went from winning as Project Manager 1 week (Episode 5) to being fired the following week (Episode 6). 

The team was harmonious in this task and no one had anything bad to say about Melissa Rivers as Project Manager or anyone else on the team, so she asked for volunteers in case they lost and were called back into the boardroom.  T-Boz volunteered to go back into the boardroom with Millissa in support of her leadership. 

Donald Trump saw this as weakness.  Apparently, he fired someone else in another season for “volunteering for execution” as he put it, which is a no-no in his book.  Well, if you’re going to get fired this is one of the most graceful ways to  go out.

Regardless, Ms. T-Boz has a new official website and MySpace Page.  A new solo album is in the works and it should be coming soon.  Fingers crossed on that one as any TLC fan knows the girls take forever to release any project.  Go check out those sites for a preview of what things to come might sound like.

* * *

Yes, my girl Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, from my favorite group of all-time, TLC, is going to be on The Celebrity Apprentice 2.  You know I’ve got to watch and support my TLC girl.  It premieres this Sunday, March 1, 2009, at  9PM Eastern Time (That’s 8PM for us Austin folks) on NBC with the first of a full season of 2 hour episodes.  Check it out!  I’ll be rooting for T-Boz.