This post kicks off a NEW FEATURE LTR (Long Term Review).  This is my very first full-length album review for popolio.  I’ve reviewed singles before in our Single and Listening feature, but never a full-length project.

Aux.78 was previously featured in a pop quiz here.  In celebration of this new feature, I’ll be reviewing another artist’s album this Thursday.  So, stay tuned for that.   

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Aux. 78 A Worn Ballad
Released:  November 8, 2008 

Aux. 78 is equal parts soundtrack composer, country guitar strummer,  new age guru, and techno DJ.  A Worn Ballad is a solid collection of ambient soundscapes, sparse strings and vocals (there’s some drums in there, too, on “Concrete”), and futuristic effects that doesn’t lose focus. 

“Live Onto Life,” one of the two more traditional tracks, could easily set the tone for a western saloon shootout scene.   The other, “Guns That Smoke,” is a stirring soliloquy that explores the darker side of life.  “Hollowed Out” is reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock film.  I can see someone on a motorcycle; after riding for awhile he gets off and starts following a perfect stranger on foot.  It’s late, dark, and wet from a hard rain that has just settled.  When they round the concrete corner of the sidewalk…something ominous will go down.  “Tomorrows Fade To Today’s Light,” the longest track at 10:40, plays like the sountrack to a 1950s flying saucer B movie (to my imagination, anyway).  

Experimental, yes, but with pleasing sounds that leave you with a familiar feel-good feeling at the end of the listening experience.  It’s like leaving a movie (Yes, folks!) that made you laugh and cry with a little comedy, drama,  and some action and suspense thrown in with a lot of heart; all in equal measure. ♫♫

Standout Track:  “Guns That Smoke”
Check Out:  “The Passing,” “Wood,” and “Hollowed Out”