So, here’s the second EVER Edition of NEW FEATURE LTR (Long Term Review).  Kickin’ it off this week with not 1, but 2 reviews.  Check out the first  review of El Paso, TX artist, Aux.78’s, A Worn Ballad, originally posted on Tuesday just below this post.  This is a review of Tarra Dei’s Loved.   She’s  a new artist to popolio.  So, check it out!                                                                                                               


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Tarra Dei Loved
Released:  March 3, 2009

Tarra Dei’s got a sweet voice that echoes the possibility and potential of past dance/techno/pop princess, Cathy Dennis, and more current pop diva, Kylie Minogue.  Loved gets an “A” for effort, but the material isn’t quite at those heights.  Dei co-wrote each of the 8 tracks (and 2 remixes) and lyrically she’s got a nice pop sensibility.  Musically, the songs are similar enough that they create one sound, which isn’t a bad thing, but, they sound so similar that individual songs struggle to shine through.

“You Were Loved” is a melodious reflection on past love with a sweet guitar riff and accompanying chorus.  It’s one of those you’ll sing along to again and again.  “New Year” is a clever take on new love that opens with a nice cello introduction and contains a playful interplay between Dei’s lead and backing vocals.  “Call Me” is a flirty sing-song talky number about sitting by the phone waiting for that call (you know the one).

Loved has a bit of a retro feel (I’d say a fusion of 80s and 90s), which I don’t mind.  It even includes the requisite guest rapper with Pappa Doe appearing on “Flow” and “Cosmic.”  He does a decent job, but for the next effort I’d speed up the beats, focus less on the rap, and really take it to the clubs.  That voice has “dance diva” written all over it. ♫♪1/2

Standout Track:  “New Year”
Check Out:  “Flow,” “Cosmic,” and “Call Me” (James Bratton Remix)