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all over the place

carries a tune

part of the chorus

featured soloist

conducting the choir

Incubus “Black Heart Inertia” Released:  April 2, 2009
From Forthcoming Release:  Monuments and Melodies ♫♪
It’s mellow and mellow is genius sometimes, but this just needs a little extra “oomph.” Just a little bit, now.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s almost there.  Melodious stanzas and an effortless chorus make up for anything that’s lacking, though.

Kate Voegele “99 Times” Released:  April 14, 2009
From Latest Release:  A Fine Mess ♫♪
A capable delivery of a pop-rock number.  Nothing I haven’t heard before, but it is catchy, you’d want to sing along, and there’s a certain attitude conveyed that I like.

Ida Maria “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked”
Released:  May 26, 2009 From Debut Release:  Fortress Around My Heart ♫♪
A fresh retro feel.  Repetitive, but fun.  A funny subject that’s equally relatable.