May 22, 2009 UPDATE:   Great news!  Mr. Portman has decided to extend Contest #1 to All High Score Winners throughout the day next Tuesday.

Originally posted on May 21, 2009.

* * *

So, it’s Part 2 of our 20 Questions with Michael Portman of Birds Barbershop.  We have an exclusive announcement that you’re “hearing” at popolio first.

Before that, I want to drop a little knowledge and school you on the locations.  There are four.  Check the official site here.

–first born at 2110 South Lamar
–middle child at 6800 Burnet Road 
–third kid at 1107 East 6th Street 
–kid sister at 1902 South Congress Avenue

So, without further ado, in celebration of the third kid (East 6th Street location), Birds Barbershop is kicking off  a weekly summer show ticket giveaway christened the Birds East Concert Series starting NEXT WEEK.  Get  more details in the Q&A below.

WAIT, though, before you read further.  We have not 1, but 2 tie-in popolio/Birds Barbershop giveaway contests.*

CONTEST #1:  Remember Michael’s Joust High Score mentioned in Part 1?  Now, there’s a new video game machine, Space Invaders mini, in there, too.  The High Scores have been reset. 


Old School is New School.

So, here it is — the first three people to beat the High Score on either machine next Tuesday, May 26, 2009, during business hours (9 to 9) will get a free haircut.  No purchase necessary.  One day only.  One play per person.  Input your initials for the High Score and show the receptionist your driver’s license to prove it’s you.

CONTEST #2:  The first person who emails me the correct answers to the following 3 questions will get a 3-pack of free haircuts good for guy cuts and/or ladybirds (over $100 value!).  This contest will run for 1 week.  If I get no correct answers by the deadline the contest expires.  The questions are:

1. Where were the first barbershops located?
2. What service were barber poles associated with?
3. What was the first native tribe that Europeans saw sporting mohawks? (Editor’s Note:  It wasn’t the Mohawks.)

 Email the answers to popolio[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com by noon next Thursday, May 21, 2009.  Photos courtesy of Michael Portman/Birds Barbershop.

* * *

11.  Tell us about the Birds East Concert Series? Starting next week, anyone who gets his or her hair cut at our East 6th store can enter to win two tickets to a show of the week.  Transmission Entertainment, who books the Mohawk and Club de Ville, among others, is providing the tickets for most of the shows, although there will be the occasional show we feel is must-see thrown in for other venues (like Santigold at Stubb’s, apparently she changed her name from Santo to Santi btw for some legal reason).  Basically, we’re giving our East 6th customers a chance to see every show this summer we wouldn’t want to miss.

12. What brought this on? Booking our own shows is something we do on occasion, but it isn’t feasible to do every week for a whole summer.  We’ve developed a really good relationship with Transmission Entertainment over the last couple of years sponsoring some of their shows (Yelle and Riverboat Gamblers last year).  When we approached them about it, they were all for it.  Our east side customer is very much their customer.  Looking good and rocking out for cheap is what it’s all about.

13. When does it start?  How long will it go for? Here is the first round of dates.  We will add more as they get booked.

May 29th — Juan MacLean @Mohawk
June 2nd — Black Moth Super Rainbow with School of Seven Bells @Mohawk
June 5th — Bonnie Prince Billy with Neil Haggerty @Mohawk
June 13th  — Doug Stanhope Comedy Tour @Red 7
June 15th  — Santigold @Stubb’s
June 19th — St. Vincent with Pattern is Movement @Mohawk
June 25th — 2 Live Crew @Mohawk (this will be a 4-ticket promo for your whole “crew” vs. just 2)

14.  What artists and venues can people look forward to? See above.

15. Why was the Santigold show the first show booked for the promotion (before the earlier shows were added)?  It was the first show we saw as unmissable for the summer.


Kid's so cute we had to post it twice. And Michael didn't give us another pic. 🙂

16. How do you win tickets? Get your hair cut at Birds on East 6th (1107 E. 6th, across the street from Shangri-la).  We’ll draw each winner 5 days before the show.

17.  If this is successful, do you see yourself doing similar things in the not too distant future? We would love nothing more than to give away tickets to shows all the time.  We’re always cooking up different ways to be involved with our local music scene, including cutting hair at Fun Fun Fun Fest, which we’ll be doing again this year.

18.  What do you hope this achieves for Birds Barbershop? We hope it makes our customers happy and keeps us better connected to our community.  Music is what our community is all about, and we see the local barbershop as being a hub for that community.  Just like it was in our grandfathers’ day.

19. If someone doesn’t win, but still wants to go to one of these shows where can they purchase tickets? will get them where they need to be.

20.  If there’s one take-away or clue about this promotion and/or how best to win tickets what would it be? Get your hair cut every week!


B is for Bad-Ass.

*GIVEAWAYS DISCLAIMER:  Further details regarding pick-up and/or delivery of prize(s), claim deadlines, etc. will be provided to winners.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Purchase will not improve chances of winning.  Open to residents of Austin and nearby municipalities.  Employees of Birds Barbershop and and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion and internet agencies and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each are not eligible.