I’ve been wanting to do a countdown featuring songs about songs (you know, songs about music, dancing, and/or a certain genre).  I have my 10 songs, but even as I posted Number 10, I wasn’t sure about the order.  So, this one will form as I go.  I normally have my list ready to go before I start.  MY TOP 10 is a music video countdown, but with some songs (maybe one in particular) occuring before the MTV era, I will  have to improvise and pull something from Dailymotion or YouTube.  Here goes.

9. The Doobie Brothers “Listen to the Music”

This is one I had to research for this countdown.  I know the Doobie Brothers, though, as a classic American rock group.  This is definitely one from their repertoire that folks would recognize and consider a standout.  Definitely, one to reminisce on, not only for the older generation, but for the collective American music consciousness. Just one of  ‘dem songs that you should know.  So, let me school you while I school myself.