I wanted to apologize for the delays on the latest edition of MY TOP 10 Countdown.  Things have been poppin’ (no pun intended) a little more than usual at popolio.com, lately.  That’s a good thing.  Having more to do than not enough is never a bad thing, but because of that I haven’t been able to post in a timely manner.

Tonight, I went to the ¡Pachanga! Fest to take pics of the artists that were featured in pop quizzes this week.  So, stay tuned for pics of Maneja Beto, David Garza, and Charanga Cakewalk.  Tomorrow, I have a phone interview scheduled for a forthcoming popolio podcast.  Shhh.  Not saying who the artist is.   I have to prep for it, so I will post the last 3  MY TOP 10 videos tomorrow after that

And, I have  a Questions with local band, The Ugly Beats, coming on Monday.  It was scheduled to post yesterday, but with all the ¡Pachanga! fare going on, I didn’ t want to take shine away from them.

Don’t worry.  Your frazzled editor will keep his shhh together.

Just sharing.

Freddie Rodriguez aka freddie beat