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3 quickies.

Rob Thomas “Her Diamonds” Released:  April 27, 2009
From Forthcoming Release:  cradlesong ♫♪1/2
I like it.  Can see it becoming a bit of a mini-anthem.  Charming with a folk quality and a bit of fireside spiritual.  A slow-burning grower kind-of-song.

Kristinia DeBarge “Goodbye” Released:  April 28, 2009
From Forthcoming Release:  TBD ♫♪
Even the interpolation of the 1969 Steam classic “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” into the chorus doesn’t save it.  It’s  satisfactory overall, but from a DeBarge, I’d expect more.

Bat For Lashes “Pearl’s Dream” Released:  May 28, 2009
From Latest Release:  Two Suns
I already mentioned this was a favorite in our Just Picked Up feature here.  The choruses are sweet and the double-meanings fun.  And, I swear that under beat is the Pussycat Doll’s “Don’t Cha.”  Even, if it isn’t, it reminds me of it and makes me like it even more.  Mash-up anyone?