GAT5Charles Ferraro is one-half of GAT5, a unique Austin arts collective, that he founded with his brother, James Ferraro, in 2003.  They’re kicking off the GAT5 textiles branch of their operation with Summer Sizzle tomorrow night at 8PM.

It’s a fashion show at Antone’s that features local fashions to the music of local girl band, Tribella, and Austin DJ, PREPMODE.  (5 Questions for with both artists will post tomorrow in anticipation of the event later on in the evening.  So, check back for those interviews and  to listen to songs from each to get a taste of what’s to come!)

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We now continue with our regularly scheduled program of 5Q&A for GAT5.

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1. What is GAT5 textiles?  Talk about the umbrella of GAT5 industries and how GAT5 textiles fits into it. GAT5 is a name I use for various creative endeavors.  It is an ongoing visual arts collaboration with my brother James, a Chicago-based illustrator and sculptor. 

It is a production company specializing in the production of interdisciplinary art events and, now, GAT5 textiles is a line of t-shirts.  Shepard Fairey and Obey inspired textiles in large part.  Fairey, amongst other contemporary artists, have embraced Tees as a legitimate way of offering an affordable and accessible version of their art and designs to a larger audience. 


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2. Tell us about Summer Sizzle.  Has it happened before?  What are you trying to achieve with this event?  GAT5 has produced many events in a similar vain.  The ultimate goal is simply to showcase talented members of Austin’s creative class and, hopefully, give them exposure to a new audience. 

3. This is a music blog, so what’s your take on the connection between music and fashion?  And which one, do you think, comes first and why? There is a strong connection between the two.  Rock ‘N’ Roll has always had a significant visual and style component.  From the stage show to magazine spreads to album art, it creates an obvious union.   As far as which comes first, I’m not sure if it’s the captain hat or the yacht rock.

4. Speaking of music, local all-girl band, Tribella, and DJ, PREPMODE, are providing the music for Summer Sizzle.  Why were they chosen to be part of this event?  They’re both great acts with some edge and an all-girl rock band seemed to be a perfect fit for a fashion event.

5. Why should folks attend Summer Sizzle? Great clothing, pretty people, an all-girl rock band, cool DJs, live screen printing, legendary local live music venue, cheap drinks….