(creative, yet self- explanatory name), Austin all-girl indie pop band, play the Summer Sizzle fashion show TONIGHT at Antone’s.  More info on Summer Sizzle here.

Get to know them a little bit in our 5 Questions for before getting to see them live tonight.   

Listen to “My Guest List” to get a taste of Tribella and check out their MySpace Page for more. 

* * *
1.  How did you get tapped for Summer Sizzle? We imagine that someone, somewhere, thought it would be a good idea.  We are really looking forward to playing during the Sizzle.

2. Have you played a fashion show before?  If so, how is the energy different from a regular show?  If not, how do you anticipate the energy will be different? This will be Tribella’s first fashion show.  We expect that because people will be exposed to different art forms, it will elicit a broader interpretation of art and a more universal energy.

 3.  Why do you think that historically there’s such synergy between music and fashion? One aspect of music is the live performance and performers have frequently been given more leeway by society to push the envelope when it comes to clothing, hair, behavior, etc. 

Musicians have to create their own brand based on their music, a particular fashion style, and an attitude.  Music and fashion go hand-in-hand.

4. How would you describe Tribella’s personal style? Sexy/Urban/Femme/Quirky.  Rock ‘N’ Roll with a friendly edge.
5. What will your particular brand of music bring to Summer Sizzle in
 terms of atmosphere, tone, and mood? Our music should provide a fun, energetic, intense, and sincere endcap to the evening.