UB_TASJune 19, 2009 UPDATE:   Due to some issues with the audio file I’m re-posting this today in addition to the new The Ugly Beats pop quiz above.


Originally posted Monday, June 1, 2009.
The Ugly Beats are a local band that played SXSW this year.  They have a ’60s vibe going on, don’t take themselves too seriously, and have built a reputation around their live shows.  They’re currently working on their upcoming third release.
They have a couple of Austin shows coming up, too, at Beerland.
June 27, 2009  10PM
–July 12, 2009   8PM
Listen to “Take a Stand” from Take a Stand with The Ugly Beats.  Go to their MySpace Page for more.

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1. What is “The Ugly Beats sound?” And why “ugly?” A little folk, a little garage, a little rock and roll, a little 60’s punk…put some lovely harmonies, fuzz guitar, acetone organ, hollow bass, and monster drums into a blender and there you go.

Ugly ‘cuz we’re not spit-shined into American Idol perfection. It lowers people’s expectations and then they say, “Y’all ain’t that ugly”; it’s perfect.

 2. You participated in SXSW in March.  How do you think the experience is different for a local band vs. a national or international band? It’s a hell of a lot cheaper.  We get to use our own backline (for the most part), which makes a big difference having your true sound and not borrowed equipment.  We know where to get the best tacos.  It’s kind of like having a vacation in your hometown!

3. One woman, four men.  Not a new model for bands.  Describe how that dynamic plays out for The Ugly Beats. Jeanine is pretty much one of the guys.  The coversations in the van or airplane would peel paint.   It’s one big happy family, though.  Everyone gets along really well and stuff.

4. You get the chance to work with any producer (that you haven’t worked with before) of your choice to “interpret” The Ugly Beats sound.  Who would it be and why? Not sure since we’ve been happy with how things turn out thus far in recordings.  We are going into the studio this month [in April] and some in the summer so we can make a new record for GET HIP.  This time we want to capture the LIVE energy that make people have fun at the show….

5. Not sure how long you’ve been in Austin, but, is there something about the Austin music scene you find enriching? Why here instead of anywhere else? The music “scene” here tends to be pretty open and not cut-throat.  Everyone we hang out with is generous and friendly to others.  Not a lot of back-stabbing or drama.  When you do see a band who obviouslly doesn’t get this and it’s clear that they’re into it for silly reasons, we say fuck ’em.

It’s mostly postive here though — with different genres [that] aren’t afraid to put on shows together, though we have yet to be asked onto an Austin Symphony concert…Plus, there’s millions of bands, so we’ve made many friends across the board.  Feels like one giant family!