So, this countdown is about MY TOP 10:  Fictional Bands and what songs best represent those bands.  I’m going to throw in about 5 BONUSES throughout this countdown as well.  It’s a fun one in a different kind a way (MY TOP 10s are always fun, aren’t they?), so I’m going to be a little looser with it.  I’m going to go girl-boy-girl-boy as much as I can, so this time around the men will be on top.  I’ve  let the women lead more than a few times, so turnabout is fair play. 

7. The Wonders “That Thing You Do”

The Wonders are the one-hit wonders in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! written and directed by Tom Hanks.  Summer of 1964 is the backdrop of this story about the meteoric rise and equally as fast fall of this band.  Propelled by the song, “That Thing You Do,” which is also the title of the film, they go on to tour, make movies, and experience all the trappings of stardom.  The song was also a hit in real life, charting on various Billboard Charts and earning  both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture.

***BONUS*** The Time “Jungle Love”

Okay, this is  a bit of a stretch as The Time is a real band with real people with real songs.  But, this is my argument — Purple Rain is a fictional film, not a documentary, and the actors are playing fictitious versions of their real selves.  And “Jungle Love” is one of, if not the, best performances in the film.  I couldn’t resist.