So, this countdown is about MY TOP 10:  Fictional Bands and what songs best represent those bands.  I’m going to throw in about way more than 5 BONUSES throughout this countdown as well.  It’s a fun one in a different kind a way (MY TOP 10s are always fun, aren’t they?), so I’m going to be a little looser with it.  I’m going to go girl-boy-girl-boy as much as I can, so this time around the men will be on top.  I’ve  let the women lead more than a few times, so turnabout is fair play.

1. The Five Hearbeats “We Haven’t Finished Yet”

The Five Heartbeats,
one of my favorite films, was written by Keenen Ivory Wayans and Robert Townsend and directed by Townsend, himself, who also stars in the film.  I think it’s his strongest film next to Hollywood Shuffle.  Loosely based on a composite of Motown male groups and artists such as The Dells, The Temptations, James Brown, Frankie Lymon and others, the film starts in the 1980s and flashes back to the 1960s.  The film tells the story of  The Five Heartbeats’ struggles and rise to fame admidst the tumultous racism of those times.  Though consisting of original music, the actors didn’t all sing in the film and the soundtrack actually consists of real acts like The Dells, Patti LaBelle (who features on this track), and After 7 singing the songs from the film that were lip-synched by the actors.   This is my favorite scene from the film because I love the way their first hit song comes together with Robert Townsend’s character and his little sister.  The bigger hit of the film was The Dell’s “A Heart is a House for Love” and that is one of your BONUSES. 

***BONUS*** The Dells “A Heart is a House for Love”

***BONUS***Alvin and The Chipmunks “Beat It”

And, in tribute to the King of Pop — The ‘Munks of  Music.