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I’m kicking off MY TOP 10 tribute to the King of Pop.  I wanted to do something a little different.  We all know the videos and we all know the good ones, so I thought I’d focus on his duets.  But, I’m going to make it a 2-in-1 MY TOP 10.  The BONUS videos will function as a second countdown and will feature the regular Michael Jackson videos.  Hope you enjoy our stroll down MJ memory lane.

mj88. 3T “Why”
3T were the R&B group version of Tito Jackson’s 3 sons and Michael’s nephews — Tariano Adaryll Jackson (Taj), Taryll Adren Jackson, and Tito Joe Jackson (TJ).  Signed to their uncle’s label, MJJ Music, MJ acted as a producer on the project.  He did allow them some creative freedom and they had some success in the US, but, mostly, in Europe.  At one point, they were the second biggest-selling act in Europe next to the Spice Girls.

***BONUS*** Michael Jackson “The Way You Make Me Feel”
This is one of my personal favorites.  And, hey, it’s the Fourth of July, so let’s celebrate.  It’s a real fun track with a sexy interplay between him and the lead female actress in the video.  Obviously, the walking, dancing, and interacting goes back to “Thriller.” 

He seemed to really have a fascination with gang culture, fashion, and imagery.   It showed up again and again.  Seemed to just be an overall affinity for that type of masculine representation and, even, agression.  The way he pursues her in this video is very aggressive.   I wonder if anyone has ever analyzed this in a book.  Would be interesting.  Gang symbolism aside, enjoy.