I’m kicking off MY TOP 10 tribute to the King of Pop.  I wanted to do something a little different.  We all know the videos and we all know the good ones, so I thought I’d focus on his duets.  But, I’m going to make it a 2-in-1 MY TOP 10.  The BONUS videos will function as a second countdown and will feature the regular Michael Jackson videos.  Hope you enjoy our stroll down MJ memory lane.

mj55. Eddie Murphy “Whatzupwitu”
Eddie Murphy was never quite able to parlay his comedy success into a music career, though you have to give him credit for trying.  He released more than one album of music.  This song in particular is hardly considered a hit.  Though some may think it a strange pairing (and video), I think it’s an interesting pairing of two legends of different areas.  And, I, personally, like the track.  This is from Eddie Murphy’s third and final music album, Love’s Alright.

***BONUS*** Michael Jackson “Rock With You”
How about we pair “Whatzupwitu” with “Rock With You?”  Not a bad pairing, right? Well, sit back and enjoy on this day of the memorial.