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I’m kicking off MY TOP 10 tribute to the King of Pop.  I wanted to do something a little different.  We all know the videos and we all know the good ones, so I thought I’d focus on his duets.  But, I’m going to make it a 2-in-1 MY TOP 10.  The BONUS videos will function as a second countdown and will feature the regular Michael Jackson videos.  Hope you enjoy our stroll down MJ memory lane.

mj22. Paul McCartney “Say Say Say”
I wanted to feature “The Girl Is Mine” from Thriller, but I couldn’t find an official video for it.  All this time I thought “The Girl Is Mine”  was another hit from Thriller, but its Wikipedia page says differently.  But, we all know how credible Wikipedia is. (Though I do reference it often. Factual stuff seems more credible than opinion-based statements.)  It does mention that it was a hit on the charts, so for that to happen it had to have had a nice cross-section of the general, mainstream audience.  Michael Jackson and a Beatle?  I think that’s pretty major, so that’s why this is Number 2.  “Say Say Say” came out after “The Girl Is Mine,” but had been produced prior.  It is from McCartney’s Pipes of Peace and was at Number 1 hit for 7 weeks on Billboard Hot 100.

**BONUS*** Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal”
From Bad, this is one of my personal MJ favorites, musically and visually.  I have no idea what I’m going to end with tomorrow for the BONUS video.   Guess it will be a surprise for us both. Until then, enjoy “Smooth Criminal.”