I’m kicking off MY TOP 10 tribute to the King of Pop.  I wanted to do something a little different.  We all know the videos and we all know the good ones, so I thought I’d focus on his duets.  But, I’m going to make it a 2-in-1 MY TOP 10.  The BONUS videos will function as a second countdown and will feature the regular Michael Jackson videos.  Hope you enjoy our stroll down MJ memory lane.

mj11. Janet Jackson “Scream”
So, of course, Janet with Michael had to be Number 1.  I’ve stated time and time again that I am a Janet fan.  Fanaticism aside, this really is a good song and video, though.   And, Michael and Janet are the 2 biggest Jacksons.  Janet was smart about this, too.  Apparently, Michael had asked to duet with her prior to this, but Janet didn’t want to do anything with him until she felt she had established herself on her own two feet.  She didn’t want anyone to think she was riding on Michael’s coattails or the Jackson name.  And the timing of this release was at a good time in both their careers.  This single was for his greatest/new hits package, HIStory:  Past, Present, and Future, Book I and garnered 11 MTV VMA nominations — the most ever at the time.  Additionally, with a $7 million price tag, it is still the most expensive video ever made.  

***BONUS*** Michael Jackson “Billie Jean” (Motown 25 performance)
So, the Motown 25 performance is one of those that’s often talked about and especially now that MJ has passed.  It is where he first unveiled the moonwalk.  Hope you enjoyed this moonwalk down Michael Jackson memory lane.  Enjoy.