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July 21, 2009 UPDATE:  So, it is being reported that Janet has, indeed, broken up with Jermaine Dupri.  It has also been reported that Janet has returned to work to the set of Why Did I Get Married Too?  I read that Tyler Perry stated he was willing to wait for her no matter how long it would have taken.  Wonder how much truth there is to that.  Lastly, there is internet buzz that Janet is going to open Michael’s first scheduled London O2 date with special guests including Justin Timberlake.  Now, won’t that be interesting?

Originally posted June 29, 2009

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So, as the Janet question looms — How will the death of Michael Jackson affect Janet Jackson?  They are two of the youngest Jacksons, and, arguably, Janet was the closest to him.   We know they’re the two most successful Jacksons, so why wouldn’t there be a different kind of kinship there?  She gave a gracious speech at the 2009 BET Awards last night regarding her brother’s death.  The award show itself was dedicated in its entirety to paying tribute to the King of Pop.

Recent internet buzz states Ms. J recently broke up with Jermaine Dupri.  Seems like days before the death.  Now, if this is even true, will she run back to his arms for some consolation?  People have been known to get back together in times of tragedy.  And if the love is there and real, he will be there to support her, regardless.  Those are my two cents on that matter.

Next, production on Why Did I Get Married Too? started last week.  Tyler Perry wanted all the original cast to return.  She was on the set in Atlanta, I believe, and flew to L.A. once the news hit.  Will she return to the production?  Will they halt production for now and postpone it a bit?  Or will Janet’s character end up being played by another actress?

And, lastly, the music.  Word on the cyber-street is that Janet was hooking back up with her long-time collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and in the early stages of some new music-making.  Remember, they were absent from the last album, Discipline.  And, I still don’t know who’s genius call that was.  In most cases, I’m of the Madonna philosophy of moving on to new producers and changing up your sound.  In Janet’s case that doesn’t seem to work.  And the formula with Jam and Lewis is tried and true, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  From what I read about the break-up, Janet allegedely wasn’t happy with Dupri’s running of her career.

So, how will this transform the music?  Will there be some tribute songs?  Will the whole project become a tribute album? And, I wonder what other artists will do in the form of tribute songs and projects.  There are already some out there.

And really, really lastly, I read there maybe be a Jackson Reunion/Michael Jackson Tribute Tour with Janet as the headliner with her other brothers.  Now, I would pay to see this and I just saw Janet for the first time in her Rock Witchu Tour last year.  Now, if she did this, would she have to drop out of the movie?  Or could she do the movie and then start working on this?

Just more questions than answers, really.  As a fan, my heart goes out to her.  I hope she will be able to mourn properly and for an appropriate amount of time, but at the same time be able to keep up with everything, too.   I think sometimes it’s good for people get back into some work, so they don’t get too lost in the grief.  Time will tell.  Michael, thank you and Rest In Peace.  Janet, hang in there and I offer my sincerest and deepest condolences to you and your family.