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Darci Monet Fusion
Released:  May 12, 2009

Darci Monet has a powerful set of lungs and she uses them to full effect on Fusion.  A singer-songwriter rock voice in the tradition of Bonnie Raitt and Heart, she sings like she’s got something to prove.  Mama’s singing for supper and this is the last meal.  No stranger to the business, she’s worked behind the scenes and, most notably, with Levi Kreis and Debby Holiday, who both contribute to this effort.  This still is her debut, though.  Now that she’s proven she can sing, a more laid-back and relaxed vibe will only improve upon the sophomore set.

“Jezebel” is a sexy and slinky sing-song rockin’ rollercoaster ride.  The talking bits hint at the Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself.”  Just a fun track that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Parts of “Raging” remind me of Garbage and that’s not a bad thing.  Her voice is truly her instrument and she bends it to reflect various rock stylings.  It’s almost Heart meets Garbage and it provides a nice alternative sound to the rest of the set.  “Smoke and Leather” is a bluesy number that successfully pays homage to a classic tradition and showcases Darci Monet’s voice like the perfect picture frame.

Tinges of rock, pop, folk and gospel reverberate throughout Fusion.  Though Monet herself describes the project as being divided into two sides of  pop rock/soul and stripped-down acoustic coffeehouse rock, a deeper throughline could have been mined for each side and between the two as well.  I say rock it out more and strip it down deeper.  It’s her voice that leaves me wanting more and in some ways makes me feel she’s only scratching the surface.  There’s more there for sure.  Though an uneven set, the talent shines through, undeniably. ♫♪1/2

Standout Track:
Check Out:  “Paper Doll,” “Raging,” and “I Should Go”