So, folks seemed to have trouble with the first question of the first set of 3 trivia questions for 2 tickets to Premios Texas 2009 next Thursday.  I really do want someone to win, so I ‘m giving a clue to Number 1.  Here are all 3 questions once again.  First to email me the correct answers wins 2 tickets to the event.

1. The Vallejo brothers also occasionally perform as an ’80s rock cover band here in Austin.  What is the name of their ’80s cover band?

CLUE:  The cover band’s favorite Austin venue is quite possibly The Yellow Rose (yes, the strip club), but they performed their most recent show at Adifest II at The Mohawk in June.

2. Premios Nominee, Reyli Barba, was the lead singer of what Latin pop rock band in the early ’90s?

3. Which Premios Nominee holds the record as the artist that has won the most Premios Los Nuestros Awards, with a total of 24?

Once again:  Email the answers with your full name and a phone number to popolio[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com by noon on  Wednesday, August 12, 2009.