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Gotta’ tell you.  These two were tenacious.  They each had one answer wrong for the first set of questions, then one of them tried for the second set, and they both kept trying until they ended up the winners.  I hope they enjoy the show tomorrow.


The Questions (and Answers) were:

1. The Vallejo brothers also occasionally perform as an ’80s rock cover band here in   Austin.  What is the name of their ’80s cover band?
2. Premios Nominee, Reyli Barba, was the lead singer of what Latin pop rock band in the early ’90s? 
 3. Which Premios Nominee holds the record as the artist that has won the most Premios Los Nuestros Awards, with a total of 24?
Olga Tañón


Olga Lopez with granddaughter at her softball game.



The Questions (and Answers) were:

1. In what year were the Premios Texas Awards presented for the very first time?
2. Premios Texas 2009 will be televised nationally on what network?
3. Which Premios Texas 2009 Nominee’s last three Spanish-language albums have all consecutively peaked at the #1 spot on Billboard’s Top Latin Album chart?
Paulina Rubio


Alberto D'Uva standing in front of the fence of some white house.

 Shout out to Giant Noise for working with me on all this Premios Texas 2009 coverage and these trivia contest ticket giveaways.  Though, I didn’t work directly with Univision thanks to them for putting this on and facilitating with Giant.  And, to the winners, maybe I’ll see you at the show tomorrow.  Enjoy!