So, it’s been a year since I started and kicked it of with my first MY TOP 10 Countdown in September 2008.  Since was jumping off, I kicked it off with MY TOP 10: 90s/00s Pop/R&B Diva Music Video Jump-Offs.  Well, this is the twelfth month, so I thought it would create nice symmetry if I presented the men as a bookend to that very first countdown before Year 2 officially begins.  This time around the Div-Os, or Divos, will get the spotlight.

6. Jay-Z “Dead Presidents”
Now, Jay-Z’s debut and evolution were more like a slow sizzle than an immediate explosion.  His debut album, Reasonable Doubt, got a lot of critical praise even though it wasn’t a super-fan-favorite straight out the box.  Historically, it stands the test of time.  Jay-Z is commended for his lyrical prowess on those early recordings.  The BONUS tonight, “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem),” from his junior album, Vol. 2…Hard Knock Life, which famously sampled Annie, is that mainstream crossover hit that many artists hope for and it was also his most successful single at the time.

***BONUS*** Jay-Z “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)”