Kicked Off:  September 15, 2008
Shut Down:  November 27, 2011

Main Entry: pop Function: adjective Etymology: by shorteningDate: 1880

1: POPULAR <pop music>: as a: of or relating to popular music <pop singer> b: of or relating to the popular culture disseminated through the mass media <pop psychology> <pop grammarians> <pop society> 2 a: of or relating to pop art <pop painter> b: having, using, or imitating themes or techniques characteristic of pop art <pop movie>

Main Entry: olio Pronunciation: \ˈō-lē-ˌō\ Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural oli·os Etymology:modification of Spanish olla Date: circa 1643

1: OLLA PODRIDA a: a miscellaneous mixture: HODGEPODGE b: a miscellaneous collection (as of literary or musical selections)

Main Entry: popolio Function: noun Etymology: modification of pop and olioDate: September 15, 2008

1: POP PORTFOLIO 2: a unique music blog featuring a hodgepodge of popular music coverage in Austin, Dallas, and more


One Response to “popolio was…”

  1. […] popolio is… The Year 1 Number 18 spot goes to the description tab for the site.  I recreated it for the Year 3 version of the site, too.  Color-coordinated it and […]

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