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Email address for creator/editor, Freddie Rodriguez and Twitter and MySpace urls for THE REAL popolio remain the same.

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Unfortunately, we were not chosen “Best Local Blog” in The Austin Chronicle’s 20th Anniversary Best Of Poll.  That honor went to The Austinist for the second year in a row, I believe.  So, congrats out to them.

Now, I’ve only seen the online results which were released yesterday, September 3, 2009.  See the results here.  I haven’t had a chance to pick up my own physical copy.  Hopefully, I can still pick one up and they won’t go so quickly.

I wanted to say Thank You to all popolio.com supporters and to those who voted for us.  Also, to J.W. RichardMandrake Arts & Media, and Mandrake Soceity Radio for providing a foundation and continued support.   All I can say is, there’s always next year.  I did think of us as a bit of a dark horse just because we haven’t even been around a year, yet. 

Our birthday is right around the corner, though, and it’s officially on September 15, 2009, but, remember, we’re celebrating with our One Year Anniversary Mixer on the 19th.  Don’t forget the celebration of Mandrake Society Radio’s 5th Season the next day in Dallas.

Again, thanks to all.  I  hope you continue to enjoy popolio and hope you stick with us through Year 2.


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popolio creator/editor

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popolio exists under the umbrella organization of Mandrake Arts & Media.  popolio is the latest addition to Mandrake Arts & Media.  Before popolio, Mandrake Arts & Media consisted of  Mandrake FM (which is currently being re-worked) and Mandrake Society Radio.

In conjunction with popolio’s One Year Anniversary Mixer in Austin on Friday September 18, 2009, (see the flyer here and read the press release here), we are celebrating Mandrake Society’s Radio’s 5th Season with an event in Dallas the very next evening, Saturday, September 19, 2009

Part of the idea with the Dallas event is to have it occur in the midst of the Pride festivities in D-Town.  Here are the details for Dallas’ event.

We will have live music at both events.  Austin-based Phil Dutra will be representing in the ATX while NYC artist Tim Dillinger will hold it down in D-Town.  Check Phil’s MySpace Page here and Tim’s here.

All are welcome to both events or to one or the other.  I will be at both.  Hope to see you somewhere.

freddie beat
popolio creator/editor

J. Dub
Mandrake Arts & Media founder
Mandrake Society Radio creator/editor
popolio co-editor

Remember Eduardo Fajardo?  His band was The Executive Lifepopolio was at their debut show back in January which featured guest musician Arthur Yoria.  See the popolio pic-olios for that show here, here, and here.   They also did a pop quiz for us in April here.

Well, alas, The Executive Life is no more.  But, don’t shed too many a tear, Señor Fajardo has teamed up with Señor Yoria and these two Colombianos are now Monoceja.  They have a show next Wednesday right here in downtown ATX’s Beso Cantina.  Click the flyer to go to the so fresh, so clean Monocejo MySpace Page.  

MNCO flyer

All photos on this post by freelance contributor, Millissa Salinas.


Co-Host Carlos Calderón and date


La Clave De Mexico making their way down the red carpet.


La Clave De Mexico


ATX's own, Foco Rojo, representing on the red carpet.



There was a pop quiz scheduled for last Friday, August 14, 2009.  I was immersed in my Premios Texas 2009 coverage. I attended the event on Thursday night and took red carpet pics with an associate.  Because of that, I wasn’t able to get it ready in time.  I will post it this Friday, August 21, 2009, instead, and the second August 2009 pop quiz will post next Friday, August 28, 2009, as scheduled.  Stay tuned — More Premios Texas 2009 coverage is yet to come!

Austin artists Aly Tadros & Alyse Black take their Debut Tour 2009 to my hometown of El Paso.  All my El Pasoans go and check them out.  Click on the flyer to get to Aly Tadros’ Official MySpace Page.


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