waynaNow, I don’t know that I’d normally report on something like this on popolio, but I’ve been covering Wayna as part of our special SXSW coverage here at popolio for the last few weeks and this did happen in Texas.  The 2009 Grammy Nominee graced us with a pop quiz a few weeks ago and I just posted a Wayna sxsw show pic-olio yesterday.

She was arrested on Wednesday, March 25, 2009,  at a Houston airport for being in possession of a police billy club.  Apparently, there was a mix-up with her bags.  Ironically, she uses this as a prop during her performance of her anti-police brutality number, “Billy Club.”  The irony being that she was arrested, not that the police were violent.  Hopefully, they treated her with respect. 

I can attest to the use of the billy club as a prop as I saw her SXSW show last Wednesday (hence, the pic-olio).  None of the pics I shared were of that number, so they don’t include the billy club.  Most importantly, the charges were dropped.  A Houston judge dismissed the charges.  We wish her the best coming out of this situation.

Read the Associated Press article here.


Kendra Ross, our first SXSW pop quiz artist of this month’s special popolio SXSW coverage, is playing with none other than Babyface this coming Friday in Houston at the Arena Theatre at 8PM.  Also, I did go to her showcase here in Austin last Wednesday and took some pics, so those will be coming soon.  Maybe today.  Keep your fingers crossed and check for those.  🙂


So, the second act of The Executive Life show was special guest, Arthur Yoria.  Actually, Jeder got to play a little longer as we awaited his arrival.   And we, in the audience, didn’t mind as we were enjoying her sweet melodies.  

I saw him make his entrance and didn’t realize who he was.  Don’t get me wrong he made his presence known with his shaved head and clean-shaven face and what seemed to be a maroon vinyl trench jacket.  I definitely noticed him and I dug his coat.  I just didn’t know that he was THE Arthur Yoria. 

I knew of him because co-editor JW Richard had posted about him before.  But, he looked different than the pic J. Dub used on that post.  And, yes, J. Dub was doing his R&B thing back in the day in Houston as part of a duo known as Tru Sol and, apparently, shared some stages with Arthur.  You can check out Tru Sol’s stuff and, perhaps, buy thier CD here.  Not sure we have any popolio completists out there…yet…but, there you go. 😉

Anyway, I liked Arthur’s set, too.  I didn’t know he did the audio thing.  Not sure how to explain it.  You kind of have to see it.  It’s like pre-recording in the moment and playing it back and then intertwining live performance with the recorded vocals and/or sounds.  Interacting with yourself.  The host asked us if we’d ever seen something like that.  Jeder said she had.  I hadn’t.  Still, Arthur was doing his thing.  Jeder gave him props, too.

Kind of hard to pin down a genre for Arthur Yoria.  I’m not sure what I would call what he did and sounded like.  I can say I liked what I saw and heard.  His MySpace Page  describes him as Ghettotech/Southern Rock/Melodramatic Popular Song.  Check out his Official Site, too, while you’re at it.


Sound Check.


The show goes on.


Doin' his techno-daddy thing!


Anotha' one!


Using La Jeder's acoustic guitar; he couldn't find his.


Exit Close-Up (as the photographer please forgive me the red eye).

elayhdI just met this musician last night and just heard about this show, so I apologize for the so, so late notice. 

Her name is Jeder and  she’s the opening act for The Executive Life’s first official show here in Austin.  She didn’t make the poster, but she is definitely kicking things off.

Also on the bill is Houston artist, Arthur Yoria (who popolio co-editor, JW Richard, previously blogged about here) and The Morakestra.

Check the flyer for more 411.  I think I’m gonna’ go.  See you at the Hideout.

Check out their MySpace Pages:

The Executive Life          Jeder          The Morakestra          Arthur Yoria


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Arthur Yoria, from www.arthuryoria.com

Arthur Yoria, from http://www.arthuryoria.com

While I performed in Houston with a now-defunct band called Tru Sol,  I loved to hear the melacholy pop sounds of Arthur Yoria in all of its manifestations.  The guy’s won several awards from the Houston Press and recieved international attention as well.  Here’s a quick intro from his website.

Whether it’s with his seasoned 4-piece band or with his “solo-electro” act in which Arthur showcases his mastery of guitar, vocal and beat looping, the live shows have been known to captivate even the most jaded of venue patrons. He’s toured the U.S. and South America as well as the U.K. playing on stages such as the Knitting Factory in L.A., Sin-e’ and CBGBs in NYC and the world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. In addition, Arthur has had songs placed on the hit Fox tv show, the OC, the Fellicity DVD collection, various MTV shows, the National Lampoon film, Adam & Eve and has had songs featured in both Arizona Jeans and Domino’s Pizza ad campaigns.

Now you can help him choose the songs for his next CD project.  Go to www.arthuryoria.com and download the songs for free then email Arthur letting him know how you liked the song.  It’s pop music in the making and you can help.  Hurry, because you have until October 5th, 2008, to access the songs and put your vote in.