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sstWell, Freddie caught Madonna in Houston, Texas, recently, so we’re talking about that show.  However, Beyonce’s latest doesn’t get the love.  Listen to the podcast.

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November 29, 2008 UPDATE:  It has been recently reported that shows that were previously canceled on the US leg of Janet Jacksons’ Rockwitchu Tour will, ultimately, not be rescheduled.  As an aside, I am glad that I got to see her in Dallas. 

Prior speculation had been that the string of shows that were canceled had been due to low ticket sales and not because Janet was truly ill.  Don’t know if this lends credence to that theory or not.  There have been reports that new shows have been scheduled in Japan. 

Lastly, I don’t want folks to sleep on this podcast.   So, that’s why I’m re-presenting it.   I think it’s an entertaining conversation between J.W. Richard (J.Dub) and myself.  Check it out!

Originally posted on Wednesday, November 5, 2008.


Just hours after seeing Janet on stage for the first time, Freddie gushes about her stage performance and his favorite moments of the show. 

Freddie and I share some conversation on this new site, plus whether you can really find live soul music locally (in North and Central Texas, anyway).  Freddie also looks forward to seeing Janet and Madonna in concert for the first time.  The music in the opening is Dallas artist, Black Page, with the track, “Head to the Sky”.  The end track is from dj/producer (also from Dallas), Semantic Noise, with the track “Chameleon” from his limited edition disc, Trust the Stars.  Other links:

ACL Festival
American Airlines Center in Dallas
Before the Music Dies (film)
Christopher Whaley a.k.a Poetic Rockstar of SOBO Magazine (Houston)

Did Meshell N’degeocello start the new soul movement in the 90’s?

Semantic Noise & kylebeats give the Scoop every Wednesday at the Fallout Lounge in Dallas.

Also, catch part one of our interview by following this link to Mandrake Society Radio: http://www.mandrakesocietyradio.com/2008/08/03/summer-heat-and-pop-treats/
In our previous interview, Freddie wasn’t totally into the newest projects by Janet or Madonna.