This site shut down on November, 27, 2011, but if you’d like to contact the Creator/Editor, Freddie Rodriguez aka freddie beat, read the Creator/Editor Page for ways to do so.

Want to debut your latest video? We’d love to be the first to premiere it online.  Or if it’s already out there, we’d love to act as yet another showcase venue.  Submit your DailyMotion or YouTube link and we’ll post your music video.

We love getting press releases and we know you and your publicist are extremely busy.  So are we.  If at all possible, we’d love to get a pitch along with the press release.  Let us know how you want to plug-in with us and which popolio features interest you.  Just know that we thrive on original content.

Have (an) upcoming show(s) in the Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and/or the Texas area? 
Are you an Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and/or Texas act and have shows elsewhere?  Submit your JPEG flyer and we’ll post and link it.

Want us to review your latest single and/or full release?  Email MP3s or snail mail us a promotional copy of your CD.  Contact us for our mailing address.

Want to be showcased on popolio in another capacity?  Have ideas for a co-promotion and/or giveaway?  Contact us and inform us of your intent.  Pitch us, even.  We may be open.

Email to: popolio[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com

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