This site shut down on November, 27, 2011, but if you’d like to contact the Creator/Editor, Freddie Rodriguez aka freddie beat, read the Creator/Editor Page for ways to do so.

Please send all press releases, interview requests, and promotional music tracks (.mp3/.wav) for the site to Freddie Rodriguez at:[at]

If interviews or song play is a time-critical request for an upcoming online event (blog entry, podcast, etc.) or offline event (CD release party, film debut/release, etc.), please contact Freddie at least four weeks from the time of the event so that interviews can be scheduled, recorded, and aired in enough time for the audience to get the word.

All podcasts produced by and for THE REAL popolio website are produced under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution, Non-Commercial license.  For more information on that license, visit this site:
We reserve the right to modify/update this license at any time.

All music submitted to the podcast program on aforementioned website should be considered for promotion only, unless otherwise stated.  Full attribution will be given to the specific artist/group with a web link to the artist’s internet home site in either the web site’s show notes or in the syndicated audio enclosure itself unless otherwise specified by you, the music copyright holder or the agency representing your music.

Unless attributed otherwise, all blog entries (written or audio), plus pictures and/or video taken byFreddie Rodriguez hosted for the benefit of THE REAL popolio are the intellectual property of THE REAL popolio.  Any request to remove information contained within a syndicated audio enclosure posted for the benefit of THE REAL popolio, must be submitted in writing to Freddie Rodriguez at popolio[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com.  We reserve the right to have at least thirty days to remove information from said audio enclosure.


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