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Well, I’m in the middle of a few things, so I’m going to make this quick.  Seems like the last 2 weeks of the month are always the busiest.  Maybe, that’s because I started putting off MY TOP 10 these last few months.  Seriously, though, I like to come up with a good idea for it and I’ve started to think it’s nice to end the month with it.

So, what did May 2009 bring? I introduced 2 NEW FEATURES this month.  LTR (Long Term Review) and Questions for.   LTR expands on Single and Listening — instead of reviewing singles, I’ll be reviewing whole CDs in single posts using the same 5 musical note scale.  Questions for expounds on pop quiz.  It just allows for more timely, individualized, and random responses. 

LTR was a double-dose in one week to kick things off with El Paso Artist Aux.78’s (who’s been previously featured in a pop quiz here) A Worn Ballad and Loved by Tarra Dei from New Jersey.   It was our first time featuring her in any capacity and this was the first EVER review of her debut album, which I was not aware of.  So, it’s exciting that I was the first to review it.

Questions for kicked of with Miz Metro from NYC just last Friday.  A BONUS is coming this Friday and I’ll be posting another next Friday.   But, actually, something has come up TODAY and I’ll be posting a 2-parter (20 Questions for) tomorrow and Thursday.  More on that as it develops.  Stay tuned.  It’s fun and it’s worth your while.  At least I think so.  So, it’s 2 BONUSES of Questions for this month.  And, no worries, love Single and Listenings and pop quizzes, so those WILL continue  (Levi Kreis’ pop quiz was the first for this month and the next is coming this Friday).

Working on some things for next week that might pop-off (yeah, ashamedly, I admit I’ve watched Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club).  Not definite, now, but, hopefully, things will work out.  The latest MY TOP 10 is coming for sure.

Lastly, J. Dub has created the 2009 Mandrake Arts & Media Listener Survey.  So, if you frequent popolio or any of the other Mandrake Arts & Media sitesMandrake Society Radio and/or Mandrake FM – this will help us improve our content and bring new things that are relevant to our audiences (That means, you!).  So, please take 10 minutes to take the survey here.

Yeah, I said quick.  Go figure.

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This post kicks off a NEW FEATURE LTR (Long Term Review).  This is my very first full-length album review for popolio.  I’ve reviewed singles before in our Single and Listening feature, but never a full-length project.

Aux.78 was previously featured in a pop quiz here.  In celebration of this new feature, I’ll be reviewing another artist’s album this Thursday.  So, stay tuned for that.   

a78-awbLTR (Long Term Review)
Full Release Review

all over the place

carries a tune


part of the chorus


featured soloist


conducting the choir

Aux. 78 A Worn Ballad
Released:  November 8, 2008 

Aux. 78 is equal parts soundtrack composer, country guitar strummer,  new age guru, and techno DJ.  A Worn Ballad is a solid collection of ambient soundscapes, sparse strings and vocals (there’s some drums in there, too, on “Concrete”), and futuristic effects that doesn’t lose focus. 

“Live Onto Life,” one of the two more traditional tracks, could easily set the tone for a western saloon shootout scene.   The other, “Guns That Smoke,” is a stirring soliloquy that explores the darker side of life.  “Hollowed Out” is reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock film.  I can see someone on a motorcycle; after riding for awhile he gets off and starts following a perfect stranger on foot.  It’s late, dark, and wet from a hard rain that has just settled.  When they round the concrete corner of the sidewalk…something ominous will go down.  “Tomorrows Fade To Today’s Light,” the longest track at 10:40, plays like the sountrack to a 1950s flying saucer B movie (to my imagination, anyway).  

Experimental, yes, but with pleasing sounds that leave you with a familiar feel-good feeling at the end of the listening experience.  It’s like leaving a movie (Yes, folks!) that made you laugh and cry with a little comedy, drama,  and some action and suspense thrown in with a lot of heart; all in equal measure. ♫♫

Standout Track:  “Guns That Smoke”
Check Out:  “The Passing,” “Wood,” and “Hollowed Out”

aux78showAux.78, whom we featured in a pop quiz in December, participates in a multi-artist showcase next Friday in EP at Zeppelins Underground, with an acoustic set.

Check the flyer for the 411. According to Aux.78 it’s not a genre-set show.  Look up the other artists online or on MySpace to get a feel for what kind of show it will be.

Aux.78 MySpace Page


December’s pop quizzes kick-off with a husband-and-wife duo from El Paso, Texas, who do solo work and group work, as well, as ElectroLegs. For pop quiz purposes, we’ll feature them as their individual personas. They’re a little more experimental than what you might expect from popolio.  But, that’s the point.  We don’t want popolio to become too predictable if we can help it, now do we?  I also wanted to rep my hometown of El Paso with some interesting artists.  First up, this week, is the husband, known as Aux.78. Check for his wife, Muekanisms’ pop quiz, next week.

Shout out to Fran Santelli for having them all on her MySpace Page first!

December 5, 2008

Name:  Aux.78
Genre:  Experimental/Electracoustic/Ambient/Hard to Define
Latest Release:  A Worn Ballad (Self-Released)
Release Date:  November 7, 2008

This, That, or the Other

1. Underground OR Mainstream? Underground.  I’m too musically moody to be mainstream.  Mainstream would bore me.  I would try to turn too many corners and want too much artistic freedom.  I am Underground because I’m sure the Mainstream won’t embrace my music.

2. Maintain Artistic Integrity and Vision OR Make a lot of Money? (or both)??? I set me goals to earning enough money to break even or luckily to make a little bit more cash for the next CD’s duplication, promotion costs.

3. Studio or Stage? I love the stage but I get more pleasure and creative freedom in the studio.  The studio can be an open place where the aspect of recreating the work live does not always matter.  That is another aspect of music that I have always loved.  I can pop in a CD and listen to a dead man.  I can listen to a song that was never intended to be performed live.  Is the live audience cheated?  I don’t think so. Aux.78 is mostly a recording project.  Every once and a while I’ll perform solo but the majority of my live work is with ElectroLegs.

4. Spirituality OR Hedonism? Spirituality in creativity.  Seeking inspiration is spirituality in itself.

5. Make Love, Have Sex, OR %$*!? %$*! the daylights out of the one I love!…and war is for past generations.

Fill in the Blank
6. Music is my diary and major source for self expression.  Music is the monkey on my back that I intentionally feed.
7. I’m musically inspired by other music, life, and the tensions between opposites.
8. My favorite old school joint is Like a jam?  Back in the day?  Howz bout. “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by The Eurythmics.
9. If I was a super hero I’d be Dead.
10. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll should change to Originality, Musical Guts, and A Lack of Ego.

Short Answer
11. I make music because: I have to.  Some people write in diaries.  I make songs and tunes. (noise to some)
12. I want my fans to: Expose themselves to all types of music and truly hear what moves them.
13. If I could share one (OR TWO!!!!!) thing about myself it would be:  The fact that I eat few things that had eyes at one time.
14. Wild Card!  I don’t gamble. 🙂
15. I want my musical legacy to be:  An ounce of introverted emotion distilled in the listener.

Aux 78

From Aux.78’s latest, A Worn Ballad, here’s the track, “Live Onto Life.”  Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                                                      Check out his MySpace Pages at: 

Aux.78’s favorite old school joint!