Urb’l Remedy is no more.  For those who remember or even care, that was my music/entertainment blog/site for another company that I was running like a weekly column.  Let’s chalk it up to creative differences, but really it was due to lack of support and communication on the part of the host company.  The focus was higher up and I was on the bottom of the totem pole.  Really like an afterthought.  I wrote all about it at my tumblog, the freddie beat.  If you want to read it and rehash it check it out here.

Since then, I’ve tried to moved on.  One of my dreams has always been to write super hero comic books in the style of Marvel and DC.  Since I don’t draw and only doodle, I cannot draw out my own stories or comics.  Don’t get me wrong, I can doodle a character concept and costume like no other, but, alas, I still need collaborators to make my vision a reality.

My challenge has always been finding those collaborators.  I’ve always been more of a loner and homebody, so I don’t have a collective of friends or associates, with similar interests, that I can pull from.

So, I created Cartwheel Group 3 Comics as an online showcase for aspiring comic creators, like myself, and posted ads on Craigslist across the country (and a couple of other countries) to try to find them.

So, the idea is to feature one stand-alone story a month with different characters, concepts, and creators.  Creators, characters, and concepts can be revisited, but this way it’s not a long-term commitment for anyone.  I’m still looking for artists, but the first 2 scripts are written.  A logo is also in the works.

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peace, love & all that jazz,

Freddie Rodriguez aka freddie beat
Cartwheel Group 3 Comics Creator/Editor