PREPMODE DJing@Nordstrum

PREPMODE will be the DJ on the ones and twos for TONIGHT’S Summer Sizzle fashion show at Antone’s.  Remember, doors open at 8PM.  More info here.

Check out his answers to our 5 Questions below before checkin’ him out tonight.  Before that, listen to his Extended Dance Mix of “Hiroshima” and check out his MySpace Page for more.

* * *
1. How did you get involved with Summer Sizzle? NCD Resources booked me.

2. Have you played a fashion show before? DJs seemed to get tapped a lot for fashion shows.  Why do think that is? Is there something more accessible about a DJ than an artist or band? Yeah, I’ve been doing runway shows for 8 years.  When you look at the major fashion designers throughout the world, they have been using DJs for their shows for years, I think many people just see it as a standard.  It’s almost more out-of-the-ordinary to have a live act play during a show.

3. The age -old discussion:  The connection between music and fashion.  What’s your take? Music and fashion constantly change and consistently influence each other.  Today’s world moves at an incredibly fast pace. The marriage of music and fashion defines what is relevant (culture-wise).

4. What is a must-wear item for a DJ during a set? Why? Headphones… the DJ can keep the mix on beat.  haha

5. Why is your name PREPMODE? Because a 1 word name is easy to remember.


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