So, this countdown is about MY TOP 10:  Fictional Bands and what songs best represent those bands.  I’m going to throw in about 5 BONUSES throughout this countdown as well.  It’s a fun one in a different kind a way (MY TOP 10s are always fun, aren’t they?), so I’m going to be a little looser with it.  I’m going to go girl-boy-girl-boy as much as I can, so this time around the men will be on top.  I’ve  let the women lead more than a few times, so turnabout is fair play. 

9. N.W.H. (Niggaz With Hats) “F**k the Security Guards”

Warning! Explicit Lyrics.  Obviously.  I don’t like the use of the F-Word, but this is satire and what is being satirized is being reflected.  And, I felt like I needed to pick the song that was most representative of what they were satirizing.  Mainly, N.W.A, and their song “F**k tha Police.”  This is, arguably, the most in-your-face N.W.H. song in the film. 

That said, N.W.H. is the fictional rap group from the film, Fear of a Black Hat (a take on Public Enemy’s classic album, Fear of a Black Planet) that does the same thing for hip hop that This is Spinal Tap does for rock.  Exploring some of the same themes, it is  a humorous look at the aggressive, testosterone-filled genre.  Frankly, it needed to be deconstructed.

***BONUS*** CB4 “Straight Outta Locash”

CB4 was a similar film that came out before Fear of a Black Hat starring Chris Rock.  CB4 (Cell Block 4) is also the name of the N.W.A.-like group in this film.  This is song mimics N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton.”


And, now, without further ado, what you’ve all been waiting for, or atleast I have.  Here’s Number 1.

For those who don’t know, I was a film major.  It was my dream to direct music videos.  I wasn’t even interested in feature films.  I thought I’d be happy doing just music videos.   Don’t get me wrong.  I love film and music.  With this countdown I combine both loves.

 This MY TOP 10 features songs that either equaled or transcended the pop cultural significance of the films from whence they came.  It’s less about the movies and more about the songs.  I’m including 5 male and 5 female performers and alternating between them to keep things fair and balanced.  I’m starting off with a woman so a man can be on top. 

Just flipping the script from how I ran thangs with February’s MY TOP 10 (Sexiest Videos for those of you who don’t know) where a woman lead the pack.

* * *
dtrt1. Public Enemy  “Fight the Power” from Do the Right Thing

This song and the way it plays out in the film and underscores Radio Raheem’s fate and the aftermath of that fate is visceral.  It’s a powerful scene and the power of this song adds to the layers conveyed therein.  Spike Lee directed not only the film, but 2 versions of “Fight the Power.”  One contains scenes from the film, the other is the more known protest demonstration version.  You’ll get both here. 

This is one of those songs (as I mentioned in a previous post) where it’s hard to separate the message and power of the song from that of the film.  If you haven’t seen the film, I would check it out.  I consider it amongst the greatest American films ever made.  For now, check out the videos.

***BONUS*** Public Enemy “Fight the Power” from Do the Right Thing