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Joe Chester “The Bodies Start To Move”

I enjoyed quite a bit a new music this year that was reminiscent of the 80’s.  Joe Chester was introduced to me by a fellow Irishman (whose blog, Daddy or Chips? has some killer house mixes you should check out, btw) and I purchased the download on eMusic.  I was singing the hook of this song for weeks.



A sidenote on the song (that has nothing to do with the song) that’ll honestly make more sense after you hear the track (!): as a kid, I was quite imaginative and sometimes at night, when staring at at album covers as I did a lot, the images would appear to be moving (at least out the corner of my eye).  Okay, enough of my personal freakshow.


mfmCheck out my co-editor and partner in crime, J.W. Richard’s (J. Dub to me), pop mixtape at one of his websites,

He posted this a little while ago, but it’s still worth it and worthwhile. is really the pop blog of the Mandrake Arts & Media family.  So, this is a rare treat from J. Dub and Mandrake FM.

He features Jazzanova, The Campaign for Real Time, Joe Chester, Noelle, People Under The Stairs, Hot Little Hands, Astronauts of Antiquity, and The Fireman.  Check it out!