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popolio exists under the umbrella organization of Mandrake Arts & Media.  popolio is the latest addition to Mandrake Arts & Media.  Before popolio, Mandrake Arts & Media consisted of  Mandrake FM (which is currently being re-worked) and Mandrake Society Radio.

In conjunction with popolio’s One Year Anniversary Mixer in Austin on Friday September 18, 2009, (see the flyer here and read the press release here), we are celebrating Mandrake Society’s Radio’s 5th Season with an event in Dallas the very next evening, Saturday, September 19, 2009

Part of the idea with the Dallas event is to have it occur in the midst of the Pride festivities in D-Town.  Here are the details for Dallas’ event.

We will have live music at both events.  Austin-based Phil Dutra will be representing in the ATX while NYC artist Tim Dillinger will hold it down in D-Town.  Check Phil’s MySpace Page here and Tim’s here.

All are welcome to both events or to one or the other.  I will be at both.  Hope to see you somewhere.

freddie beat
popolio creator/editor

J. Dub
Mandrake Arts & Media founder
Mandrake Society Radio creator/editor
popolio co-editor


Click on the flyer to go to the Official popolio.com MySpace Page.


Contact:  Freddie Rodriguez

August 10, 2009

popolio.com hosts One Year Anniversary Mixer
An evening of celebration and networking
with live music, appetizers, and wine


AUSTIN, TX  popolio.com, which sits under the umbrella organization of Dallas-based Mandrake Arts & Media that started with MandrakeSocietyRadio.com, announces its One Year Anniversary Mixer.  The Austin-based pop music blog, popolio.com, which debuted on September 15, 2008, features a hodgepodge of local, regional, national, and international content.  The free event takes place on Friday, September 18, 2009, at Phara’s Mediterranean Cuisine at 111 East N. Loop from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. The venue is BYOB and, therefore, only those 21 years of age and/or older may attend.  In conjunction, Mandrake Society Radio will be celebrating its Four Year Anniversary the next day in Dallas.  More details will be provided as they become available.

Special Guest, local power pop musician, Phil Dutra, will perform a short acoustic set. Though an open event, guests are asked to RSVP for a headcount.  Appetizers, wine, and cake will be provided.  Guests may order dinner on their own.  A limited amount of goodie boxes including the CDs of Featured popolio.com Artists and other items will be gifted to first attendees.

The evening is set to be an intimate, low-key, informal networking event not only for popolio.com fans but for all Austin-area blog and music enthusiasts and creators.  Background music will set the tone, but conversation will take the forefront.  Mostly, guests are asked to help celebrate popolio.com’s one year existence and anticipate its second year.

popolio.com kicked off last year presenting itself as an online music magazine more than a blog. The blog set itself apart from other pop blogs by dedicating itself to original entertainment content and not gossip and operating on the underground, independent, and mainstream levels.  Creating its own definition for “pop music, ” popolio.com embraces multiple genres such as Latin, R&B, and hip hop as well as pop.  Its features include online and podcast artist interviews, show pictures, streamed songs, music reviews, and music video countdowns highlighting Austin- and Texas-based content.

SXSW, ¡Pachanga! Latino Music Festival, and, more recently, Premios Texas 2009 Artists have been featured on popolio.com pop quiz interviews. These artists include Austin and Texas artists David Garza, Vallejo, Maneja Beto, Los Bad Apples, and Bobby Pulido.  On the national level, Grammy Winner Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ posthumous release, Eye Legacy, was featured with a podcast interview with her brother, Ron Lopes, and a MY TOP 10:  Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Video Countdown.  Maryland-based SXSW Artist and 2009 Grammy Nominee Wayna’s Higher Ground featured with pop quiz and podcast interviews with the artist.  Canadian Jennie Laws and London-based Welsh artist, Bright Light Bright Light (formerly SXSW Artist Rod Thomas) have also been featured.

Singer-Songwriter Phil Dutra was the first artist to be interviewed for the popolio podcast feature at popolio.com on September 24, 2008, at https://popolio.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/interview-with-phil-dutra/.  According to his MySpace Page and Official Site, “Phil sounds like the love child of REM and Barenaked Ladies on a hit of XTC.”  His song “Let Me Be Your Superman” from his latest EP release, Right Behind the Rain, was chosen “Track of the Day” at the influential web site GarageBand.com and “She Walks Away,” another song from the same set, won the National Michael Lloyd Song Contest at the TAXI Road Rally held in Hollywood, California.

For more information or to ask questions please contact Freddie Rodriguez at popolio.com@gmail.com or 512.945.1376.

About Mandrake Arts & Media
Consists of blogs MandrakeSocietyRadio.com and popolio.com.

 About MandrakeSocietyRadio.com
History, poetry, and epiphany about building community.

For more information, visit http://www.mandrakesocietyradio.com/

Recently, I made some changes to the Contact Page.  It’s just more streamlined and categorized in how artists and/or their representation can contact me.  This page, like the whole blog, is ever-evolving, though.  I make changes, additions, and/or improvements as I feel they are needed.  I added a ‘music video’ category and added more details in other places especially the ‘press release’ category.  This is how it stands today —

Want to debut your latest video? We’d love to be the first to premiere it online.  Or if it’s already out there, we’d love to act as yet another showcase venue.  Submit your DailyMotion or YouTube link and we’ll post your music video.

We love getting press releases and we know you and your publicist are extremely busy.  So are we.  If at all possible, we’d love to get a pitch along with the press release.  Let us know how you want to plug-in with us and which popolio features interest you.  Just know that we thrive on original content.

Have (an) upcoming show(s) in the Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and/or the Texas area? 
Are you an Austin, Dallas, El Paso, and/or Texas act and have shows elsewhere?  Submit your JPEG flyer and we’ll post it.

Want us to review your latest single and/or full release?  Email MP3s or snail mail us a promotional copy of your CD.  Contact us for our mailing address.

Want to be showcased on popolio in another capacity?  Have ideas for a co-promotion and/or giveaway?  Contact us and inform us of your intent.  Pitch us, even.  We may be open.

Email to: popolio[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com

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I just wanted to give a “golden shout out” to J Dub.  popolio has had some opportunities in the last few weeks to cover things outside of our regular schedule of features.  Mainly, Pachanga Fest and the GAT5 Summer Sizzle fashion show.  With that has come his audio assist on streaming the songs we’ve featured on all the various artists associated with both events.  And this was crunch time with short deadlines and he came through like the pro that he is.

Not only does he help me at popolio, he oversees Mandrake Arts & Media, which includes popolio and running Mandrake Society Radio and Mandrake FM (which is going through some flux at the moment; stay tuned).  So, check out his hard work and adept writing and blogging at those 2 sites, too.  Image courtesy of Google Search


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There are some changes at our brother blogs, Mandrake FM and Mandrake Society Radio.  Please read here and here to get updated and get the latest.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 8:02 PM

To Whom It May Concern:

Well, I’m in the middle of a few things, so I’m going to make this quick.  Seems like the last 2 weeks of the month are always the busiest.  Maybe, that’s because I started putting off MY TOP 10 these last few months.  Seriously, though, I like to come up with a good idea for it and I’ve started to think it’s nice to end the month with it.

So, what did May 2009 bring? I introduced 2 NEW FEATURES this month.  LTR (Long Term Review) and Questions for.   LTR expands on Single and Listening — instead of reviewing singles, I’ll be reviewing whole CDs in single posts using the same 5 musical note scale.  Questions for expounds on pop quiz.  It just allows for more timely, individualized, and random responses. 

LTR was a double-dose in one week to kick things off with El Paso Artist Aux.78’s (who’s been previously featured in a pop quiz here) A Worn Ballad and Loved by Tarra Dei from New Jersey.   It was our first time featuring her in any capacity and this was the first EVER review of her debut album, which I was not aware of.  So, it’s exciting that I was the first to review it.

Questions for kicked of with Miz Metro from NYC just last Friday.  A BONUS is coming this Friday and I’ll be posting another next Friday.   But, actually, something has come up TODAY and I’ll be posting a 2-parter (20 Questions for) tomorrow and Thursday.  More on that as it develops.  Stay tuned.  It’s fun and it’s worth your while.  At least I think so.  So, it’s 2 BONUSES of Questions for this month.  And, no worries, love Single and Listenings and pop quizzes, so those WILL continue  (Levi Kreis’ pop quiz was the first for this month and the next is coming this Friday).

Working on some things for next week that might pop-off (yeah, ashamedly, I admit I’ve watched Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club).  Not definite, now, but, hopefully, things will work out.  The latest MY TOP 10 is coming for sure.

Lastly, J. Dub has created the 2009 Mandrake Arts & Media Listener Survey.  So, if you frequent popolio or any of the other Mandrake Arts & Media sitesMandrake Society Radio and/or Mandrake FM – this will help us improve our content and bring new things that are relevant to our audiences (That means, you!).  So, please take 10 minutes to take the survey here.

Yeah, I said quick.  Go figure.

8:22 PM

peace, love & all that jazz

Freddie Rodriguez aka freddie beat 
popolio creator/editor