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To Whom It May Concern:

I’m due for both my July 2009 and August 2009 Letters From the Editor.  I’ll be doing a combo deal this time around.

  • So what went down in July?  Here are the highlights.
    • Reviewed Darci Monet’s Fusion in LTR (Long Term Review) feature here.
    • Featured regularly scheduled pop quizzes for Semantic Noise here and Lights Resolve here
    • Featured special pop quizzes around 2 local events —
      • Monster Girl here and Stephanie SALVO here for The All Austin All Handmade Bash.
      • Started the countdown of  5th Annual Premios Texas 2009 Artist pop quizzes – Bobby Pulido here and VALLEJO here.
    • Counted down MY TOP 10: Mike Jack Collabos in tribute to the King of Pop
  • And in August?
    • Continued the Premios Texas 2009 pop quizzes with Makano here and Anita Benner of Los Bad Apples here.
    • Posted the first of more to come of pics from the Red Carpet of the above event here.
    • Coolooloosh pop quiz here.  Second August pop quiz to post THIS FRIDAY. So stay tuned for that.
    • I’ m in the midst of MY TOP 10: 90s/00s Pop/R&B Divo Music Video Jump-Offs.   This is the twelfth countdown I’ve done so far!  So,  I decided to mirror my very first September 2008 countdown — MY TOP 10: 90s/00s Pop/R&B Diva Music Video Jump-Offs.  Hope you all enjoy it 
  • One Year Anniversary Mixer (09.18.09 in Austin)
    • Most importantly, will be one year old next month and we’re throwing an informal low-key event in our own honor. 
    • It’s open and free, but I ask that you RSVP, so that I can get a headcount.   Come celebrate with us. 
    • Check out the flyer here and read the press release here.
  • Mandrake Society Radio Podcast Fifth Season Event  (09.19.09 in Dallas)
    • In conjunction we’ll be celebrating the fifth season of our brother blog,, the very next day in Dallas.
    • See that post here.  

This will be a Friday and Saturday evening.  So, I dare you to come out to both events and party with us.  It’s doable.  Hope to see you there.  Can’t wait.

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peace, love & all that jazz

freddie beat
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SNJuly 31, 2009

Name:  Semantic Noise
Genre:  Experimental/Psychedelic/Hip Hop
Debut Release:  Trust The Stars (Self-Released)
Release Date:  2008

This, That, or the Other
1. Underground OR Mainstream? Underground
2. Maintain Artistic Integrity and Vision OR Make a lot of Money? (or both)?? Both, please
3. Studio or Stage? Studio
4. Spirituality or Hedonism? Spirituality
5. Make Love, Have Sex, OR %$*!? Make Love, baby!

Fill in the Blank
6. Music is my sanctuary.
7. I’m musically inspired by environmental sounds, visual art, old jazz records.
8. My favorite old school joint is Explorations album by Bill Evans Trio.
9. If I was a super hero I’d be I am a super hero.
10. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll should change to Peace, Love, and Understanding

Short Answer
11. I make music because:  I feel like I don’t have a choice but to create.  I’m a channel for the universal energy.
12. I want my fans to:  Transcend space and time. 
13. If I could share one thing about myself it would be:  Sometimes I think too much. 
14. Wild Card!  It’s time to emancipate sample-based music.  Down with greedy copyright police!
15. I want my musical legacy to be:  Timeless soul.

 Listen to Semantic Noise’s latest track, “Layers Of Layers.”  Go to his official site for more.

Semantic Noise’s favorite old school joint!

Editor’s Note:  Since Semantic Noise chose Explorations by the Bill Evans Trio, which is a whole work and not a single song, I chose a performance video of “Beautiful Love,” a selection from that 1961 project, performed here in 1965.

Freddie and I share some conversation on this new site, plus whether you can really find live soul music locally (in North and Central Texas, anyway).  Freddie also looks forward to seeing Janet and Madonna in concert for the first time.  The music in the opening is Dallas artist, Black Page, with the track, “Head to the Sky”.  The end track is from dj/producer (also from Dallas), Semantic Noise, with the track “Chameleon” from his limited edition disc, Trust the Stars.  Other links:

ACL Festival
American Airlines Center in Dallas
Before the Music Dies (film)
Christopher Whaley a.k.a Poetic Rockstar of SOBO Magazine (Houston)

Did Meshell N’degeocello start the new soul movement in the 90’s?

Semantic Noise & kylebeats give the Scoop every Wednesday at the Fallout Lounge in Dallas.

Also, catch part one of our interview by following this link to Mandrake Society Radio:
In our previous interview, Freddie wasn’t totally into the newest projects by Janet or Madonna.