November 30, 2008 UPDATE:  I’m re-presenting this popolio podcast because I don’t want this one slept on either (like yesterday’s R&R re-post). 

I wanted to add that I did go see their Sunday, October 5, 2008, show at Emo’s here in town.   There were other bands.  I saw part of one set of one band and then one other complete set, but even though there was yet another band behind The Shondes, they shone as a true pros.  (I talked to the violin-player after, but left shortly thereafter as I had to work the next day and I was there to see The Shondes.)

I really enjoyed their show.  Their were 20-plus people there.  Remember, this was a Sunday in Austin.  They played like it didn’t matter whether they where in their home borrough of New York or Austin or playing to a sell-out of hundreds or the 20-plus in Austin.  Their audience interaction was especially enjoyable.  They just talked to us, but I liked the way they did it.

In speaking to Elijah after the show, he intimated they some bands had dropped out and the venue was going to cancel the show initially, but that they, The Shondes, made sure the show went on by getting recommendations from the drop-out bands and doing some leg-work on MySpace. 

I found their drive, professionalism, sincerity on stage and off, and talent inspiring.  I mean they did all this work for a show at Emo’s on a Sunday in Austin.  To me, that showed their passion, that they like to play live, and that they just have the need to play.

Anyway, please check out the popolio podcast below, previously posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2008.


Freddie Beat speaks with Elijah Oberman, violinist/vocalist with the punk rock outfit, The Shondes.

Song snippets included in the show are “Let’s Go” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” from The Red Sea.  Listen to more music from the band at their MySpace Page.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008
8:25 PM

So, it’s that time again.  At first I figured I’d do these at the top of month, but we did kick-off on 9/15/08, so my monthly Letter from the Editor should be around that time.  I don’t know that everyone is familiar with our features, so I want to highlight some of those this month.

Over at pop quiz, we’re featuring all the members of Scissors For Lefty on a weekly basis.  So, it’s Scissors For Lefty Month there.  They’re from San Francisco and seem to have a bit of a following.  They’ve been really flexible and open.  They have been our guinea pigs for the whole process.  Normally, we’ll have 2 pop quizzes a month, but since there are 5 of them and we’re doing the whole band we went with weekly for October. 

Their pop quizzes are hilarious and their favorite old school joints are quite eclectic.  It’s insightful to see what inspired artists or just what they liked back in the day and contrast that with the kind of artist they are and the kind of music they make.  It’s very, very interesting.  And the best part is that you get 5 SFL songs for the price of one SFL band.  Check those out on Fridays.  The third one will be up this week.

I’m doing my Single and Listening single reviews and I’m trying to do those every other week.  I’m due for one next week.  There are a few divas that released new singles these past weeks, so I’ll be reviewing those.  Those are on Wednesdays.

I want to get around to reviewing whole albums, but I just haven’t had a chance.  Say, if there are any local or regional artists who want to submit their CDs for review on, contact me.  There’s an idea, huh?  What do you think?

J Dub is our technical wizard behind the ones and twos (always wanted to say that).  He’s behind the audio clips and our podcasts.   Makes things run and sound oh so smooth.  He’s also been hitting us up with a newer feature, Play it Forward.  The idea is that we recommend artists, songs, and/or albums to you that we’ve been turned on to.  It may take a few different forms, but essentially it’s the same concept.  You get to download and listen to an MP3 out of it.  Not a bad deal.

I recently discovered The Shondes and interviewed them.  That popolio podcast should be coming your way soon.  They’re touring and came to Austin.  I saw them and may write about that one day.  Not promising, though. J Other popolio podcasts by JW and/or myself will be coming down the pipeline as well.

J Dub and I are due for another R&R podcast conversation.  So, we’ll schedule one and get it out there.

Last, and most exciting (for me), is my monthly MY TOP 10 feature.   This month because of… drum roll please…seeing Janet I’m presenting MY TOP 10 Janet Jackson Videos.  It’s also my personal countdown to the show on popolio.  That kicked off on Monday and will continue through the date of the show.   

Now, everyone’s probably heard that J’s been canceling shows left and right.  I’m still hopeful that I will be in that stadium next week realizing my dream.

So, those are a few features (there are others), but J. Dub and I, both, post other things that aren’t just tied to features.  The majority will be features, but there is other content as well.

I don’t want to recycle all the stories that other blogs recycle.  I want popolio to be known for our original content.  Hence, the features.  We’d love feedback.  Let us know what you think so far.

The ride continues…

9:01 PM

                                                                                                                                                                     Freddie Rodriguez aka freddie beat
popolio editor

This is a little late in coming.  Apologies for the late notice.  Check out The Shondes at Emo’s tonight.  The show starts at 8PM; The Shondes play at 10PM.  The Chicago Tribune had this to say abouth the Shondes and their debut album, The Red Sea:

“The Red Sea,” is a visceral work. While they give much credit to the sounds that influenced them — riot girl and queercore bands of the ’90s, traditional Jewish music — their moody songs are redolent of a time in the early ’80s when punk fractured into something more tuneful and complex. Harmonies grow discordant, Eli Oberman’s [violin] lends substantial melancholy to their quiet-loud dynamics. While being a radical, Judaic-bent, genderqueer, post-punk quartet sets The Shondes apart, being a political band whose music is as strong as its message is a rare treat.

 Check out their MySpace Page for more.