Black Moth Super Rainbow have been mentioned here at popolio a couple of times.  Tickets to this show were part of a contest through Birds Barbershop that we were lucky enough to be the first to announce here.  We also did a 5 Questions for interview with Tobacco of BMSR that posted prior to this show here.

Now, this show was packed!  BMSR have quite a following, so it was hard to get good pics.  You’ll see their massive fandamonium in this pic-olio.  I did the best I could under the circumstances.  So, check it out!










photo by Jae Ruberto

Black Moth Super Rainbow recently bulletined on their MySpace Page that they got KanYe West’s blessing on his blog here.  Now, I don’t know if this means they’ve “arrived” (whatever that means).  But, it definitely means people are listening.  And, the number of BMSR listeners seems to be gaining momentum. 

Matter of fact, they will be hitting Austin on Tuesday, June 2, 2009, to play The Mohawk at 8PM as part of their tour in support of Eating Us (which hits stores next Tuesday). 

And, in what seems to be some synchronicity, you can try to win tickets to that show in  the Birds East Concert Series giveaway for Birds Barbershop that we had the privelege of announcing yesterday.  Scroll up to 20 Questions for Michael Portman [Birds Barbershop] Part 2 — Austin to get the details for that giveaway and for 2 additional contest giveaway opportunities or click here.

BMSR have there own contest running in select indie record stores (Good Records in Dallas is included;  last month Mandrake FM covered their 9th Birthday Bash  here).  Get more details on the Black Moth Super Rainbow In-Store Stands & Hairy CD Contest here


 Download the born_on_a_day_the_sun_didn’t_rise  MP3 from Eating Us and read our Q&A with Tobacco of BMSR.

 * * *

1. For those who don’t know, what’s the Black Moth Super Rainbow experience on record? And on stage? On record, it’s usually one uncomfortable person making lots of mistakes and on stage, it’s 5 or 6.   These days you can smell or touch our records and, hopefully, see some video you haven’t seen before at the shows. 

2. How is the new release, Eating Us, different from the previous, Dandelion Gum? It was a new approach.  Instead of just me doing it pretty much by myself, I did that, and then brought the almost finished record to Fridmann to redo parts and take care of the final mixing.  Mainly, you notice it in the way the drums were recorded and the overall width of the sound.  So, it’s hi-fi as opposed to mid-fi or lo-fi or whatever it usually is considered. 

3. Why do you think you’ve struck such a chord with music fans and gained such a following? I think the 30 – 40 fans I have like my legs.  I’ve been doing a lot more jogging lately and that’s reflected in the new fans coming on. 

4. I notice the accompanying booklet contains 16 pages of art and your previous album had interesting cover art as well.  Why is (booklet) art like this important to the overall Black Moth Super Rainbow aesthetic, musically and otherwise? I feel like bands who aren’t completely involved in their art only have half a vision.   To me, the pictures sometimes can define what the music will sound like.  Most of the CDs that I held onto from when I was first getting into music are the ones with the best art.

5. Outside of being from “deep in the woods of western Pennsylvania” and an “[above-the-trees] organic aural concoction,” what is (a) Black Moth Super Rainbow? Mistake after mistake coming together to get lucky.  That organic aural concoction quote sounds ridiculous.  It’s really meant to be whatever the listener wants it to be.