Just Picked Up

M_BSMPicked this up on Saturday.  Again, at Target.  My favorite CD-pick-up-store.  I really wanted to fall in love with this because I’ve fallen in love with “Pretty Wings.”  But, alas, I did not.  I think it may be one of those slow romances where I will fall in the end.  For now, I am intrigued and still want to check things out some more.  So, there will be repeat listens.  The two standout tracks for me right now are 3 and 4.  Those are the aforementioned, “Pretty Wings,” and “Help Somebody.”  You can pick up your copy here.


Actually, I picked it up yesterday at one of my favorite stores, Target.  Had to!  As I said in a previous post, I’ve always been more of a Janet fan, so I have most of her stuff.  

In all reality, Thriller was my first tape ever.  I remember having it; I just don’t remember asking for it(sidenote:  Madonna’s Like a Virgin is the first tape I remember actually asking for).  My first piece of music.  My dad lent it to a friend of his and that friend never returned it.   This friend wasn’t one that stuck around for years; he was around and then he was just gone.  Still remember his name.  And, I never replaced it until yesterday. 

This was all they had in stock, but the young lady who asked me if I needed help said they’d be getting more MJ stuff next week.  I’m good with this.  I don’t need to get every album, though I think I might pick up Off the Wall.  I’m not going to link anything else other than the Target link above ’cause if you all want your Michael Jackson you’re gonna’ go and get it.

bfltsI picked up Bat For Lashes’ Two Suns (her second album) after work this evening at Waterloo Records downtown before having dinner and drinks at Z’Tejas on 6th Street.

I’d been wanting to listen to something a little different than my usual pop fare.  Something a little more conceptual and epic in scope. 

I discovered Bat For Lashes when I included Two Suns on a  Tuesday Tease here.  I went on to review her first Two Suns single, “Daniel,” for one of my Single and Listening Editions here.  Though looking back now, I know I’ve heard the name before.  I just can’t place when and in what context. 

I’m listening to it now and so far I love Track 4, “Daniel,” and Track 8, “Pearl’s Dream.”  And I love, love, love the front and back cover images.  She created a second character, Pearl, who’s on the back of the CD, and I guess she’s herself on the front.  Basically, duality is the theme that runs through the CD (Ahem, Two Suns, hello).

You can pick up your copy at amazon or iTunes.

ca_ghJust picked this up today at Target — the only place it’s available.  I got the Deluxe Edition which includes a DVD with 10 music videos.  Not too shabby. 

I’m listening to the CD now.  I’ll watch the DVD later.  Skipped “I Turn To You” and “Dirrty,”  but I’ve listened to the rest so far.  I’m on track 6.  Listened to “Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)” and “Fighter” more than once as I move through.

Anyway, pick up your copy here.